EPC Training #1: Host Family Recruitment & Student Placement

Part 5: All about ZAPP!

ZAPP is the computer program that SHARE! uses to process, link and share student applications and host family applications.   

As an EPC, you will have your own ZAPP account that you can use to:

  • View the applications of students who are available for placement;
  • Set up and manage host family applications, which are linked to student applications when a placement is made;
  • Keep track of your students' arrival flights
  • Complete Monthly Contact Forms during the students' stay

ZAPP uses acronyms that are different from some SHARE! acronyms. The revised acronyms are listed below along with a few new terms.

  • LC (Local Coordinator) = Exchange Program Coordinator (You!)
  • RD (Regional Director) = Regional Administrator, Area Coordinator or Team Leader
  • SO (Sending Organization) = Overseas Partner
  • RO (Receiving Organization) = SHARE! National Office

Step 1: Log into ZAPP     Visit www.gozapp.com/login.aspx and enter your email address & the password given to you by your Team Leader.

Step 2: Browse available students     The fun part!  Search through the students - you can view their interests, details about their lives at home, letters to their future host family, and photos.  Get to know the available students so that you can mention them when you have an interested prospective HF, and so that you can promote certain students within certain communities - for example, if you see a student who wants to be a veterinarian when he/she grows up, you could contact local veterinarians to see if they have any interest in hosting!

Step 3: Set up a Host Family account     Either your or your Team Leader will set up a Host Family account for your first host family.  During this setup process, the login link, username & password are sent to the host family.  Encourage the family to fill out the application as soon as possible.  If they are having problems, you can call them and type their answers into the application (be sure you have the family’s permission before entering information on their application, of course!).  Either you or the host family must upload photos of the student’s bedroom & bathroom, the kitchen, main living area, and the outside of the home.  

Once the family chooses a student and the placement is confirmed, your Team Leader will link the student & host family applications.

Step 4: Complete online placement documents      When you open the HF application, you will notice 3 pages for you to fill out: Placement Confirmation Form, Confidential Interview Form, and Telephone References 1 and 2. These pages are not visible to the host family or student.  When the host family enters their references on their application, they will appear on your Telephone Reference forms. Or, you can enter them yourself, if you already have this information.

Step 5: Submit the Host Family application     Once the application is complete, it can be submitted to the student!  You will send it to your Team Leader, who will send it along once he/she has confirmed the placement is complete.