EPC Training #1: Host Family Recruitment & Student Placement

Part 1: Introduction

From the entire SHARE! High School Exchange Program… CONGRATULATIONS on becoming our newest Exchange Program Coordinator!  

This training, will introduce you to SHARE! and will walk you through your first placement.  You’ll also get tips and resources to help you market the program within your community and find more host families.  There are 5 basic steps to making a placement:

STEP 1: Prepare and Establish Yourself

  • Familiarize yourself with the SHARE! High School Exchange Program;
  • Get to know your Team Leader.  Determine your communities and schools, and set a placement goal;
  • Call high schools or school district offices to introduce yourself and lay the groundwork for a good working relationship.

STEP 2: Promote the Program

  • Begin networking with friends and community contacts, in person and via social media;
  • Send Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to local media in order to generate publicity;
  • Contact local community organizations, businesses, churches, etc. and send flyers and information for bulletin boards or newsletters.

STEP 3. Match Student, Host Family and School

  • Once you have a lead on a host family, re-contact the appropriate school to ensure there is space for a SHARE! student;
  • Review student profiles with the family’s preferences in mind.  Email student applications to the host family, and call your Team Leader to "hold" students for that family;
  • Assist the host family in completing their online Host Family Application, and in selecting a student from online Student Applications;
  • Fax or email the High School Authorization form to the school and have them return a signed copy via fax or email.

STEP 4: Screen Prospective Host Family

  • Conduct a Host Family Visit, interviewing all family members at home and completing the Signature Form together;
  • Complete the Host Family Confidential Interview Form and two Telephone Reference Checks online.
  • Ensure that the family completes online Criminal Background Checks for each person living in the home 18 years old or above;

STEP 5: Wrapping Up The Placement!

  • Once the family has committed to the student, has been screened, and the High School Authorization Form is in your hands, phone your Team Leader to announce that you’ve made the placement!
  • Fax or email the Signature Form & High School Authorization to your Team Leader.
  • Submit the completed online Host Family Application to your Team Leader.

Each section of this training will have a brief quiz.  Please complete the quiz below on the above information to continue to the next section.