SHARE! Documentary Video Team

In the 2017-2018 school year, SHARE! will be working with a real Hollywood movie editor to create a film using video and photo submissions from our Documentary Team - that's you!  

There is no commitment, but each month, we will post on the Facebook page your "Assignment" for the month. If you meet the entire assignment, you'll be eligible for some great rewards - and even if you just complete part of the assignment, you will still get some prizes and goodies.

Here is just a peek at what you can earn with your Documentary Team membership:

  • Volunteer hours, to meet any volunteer requirements you have at school;
  • A Certificate of Participation awarded for full participation;
  • Cash stipends, in form of an American Express gift card;
  • A personalized SHARE! decal and a GorillaPod phone stand for your first submission;
  • Additional special SHARE! prizes for reaching consistent monthly goals (check the Facebook group for details)
  • The first viewing of the Documentary Team Video, when it’s complete

To join the Documentary Team, just join our Facebook group - click on this button: 



7 Quality Points:

  • When shooting video, always hold your phone camera on LANDSCAPE position (horizontal, not vertical)
  • Videos submitted must be edited to 20 seconds to 1 minute in length. 
  • Hold the phone/camera as steady as possible or rest it on a surface.
  • Avoid dark indoor shots and go for shots with natural light - either outdoors, or in well-lit indoor area.
  • If something looks really dark or really light consider moving around a bit until you find a better angle where the lighting is better. 
  • Be sure your submitted photos and videos are APPROPRIATE.  No bad language, or gestures, no nudity, no smoking, no illegal, dangerous or immoral behavior. 

How To Submit

  • Complete the form below and upload your videos and photos by clicking on the buttons.  
  • If that doesn't work... Depending on your internet speed, browser settings and the size and length of your videos and photos, you will probably need to submit videos and photos in small groups (so not all 4 videos at once, for example).  
  • If that still doesn't work... First, complete the form below and submit it (without uploads), then email your video to within 5 minutes, with your name in the subject line.  If your video is large you might need to use a website like - just follow the simple instructions at that website.  Don't forget to send both the email and form. 
  • OH NO, THAT STILL DOESN'T WORK!... Don't panic!  Just email and we'll come up with a plan :)