Why SHARE! Life with International Teens?


What inspires people to host international teens in the first place? Below are statements from some of the SHARE! Exchange Program Coordinators who began as Host Parents and then chose to work in the world of student exchange. Some of our best Exchange Program Coordinators were, and still are, some of the best Host Parents!  After reading, you’ll know why.



“The reason my husband and I have hosted more than 20 students in our home is because it has given us a family. We don’t have children of our own, so we decided to host exchange students. They have come back to visit us. Then we’ve gone to their countries and they have shown us the time of our lives. Even though we don’t have biological kids, we really, really do have kids of our own that just happen to be from all over the world.”

 -Carol Duerksen


“I am involved in the exchange program for one reason. That’s because I believe in youth—In the power of youth. As we grow and learn to know each other better we will reach the point where we will have world peace. We will know and care about each other so that we can all live in peace.”

-Sally Maack


“My husband and I have been hosting students now for over 15 years, and we’ve met some amazing teenagers from all over the world. We really enjoy helping them to learn about our American culture as well as our learning theirs. I would really recommend hosting a student.”

-Cathy Pierce


“One of the reasons that we host is to bring peace to the world one relationship at a time. With the SHARE! organization, it’s been a tremendous opportunity to build relationships all over the world so that we can all be ambassadors to the world.”

-Maynard Knepp


“My husband and I host SHARE! students because it is just tremendous watching them grow, become more open, and learn to love people in a totally different environment.”

-Mary Beth Winters