The Old English wilcumian has two elements, “wil-” indicates desire or pleasure. “Cuman” means come. So, welcome has always meant “it is good you have come,” in the sense of a welcome guest, and it still has this same meaning and it has it in common with the Old French bien venu and the Old Norse velkominn.

The SHARE! program seeks the help of all of our community members as we work on selection of host families for the final 50 SHARE! high school exchange students still waiting to hear WHERE their new American community will be, and WHO will be their family for the coming school year.

Would you like to help, but don’t think you can commit to a whole school year?  How about being a WELCOME family for an exchange student?   Welcome families are just like permanent hosts, except that welcome families are only making a commitment until a permanent family is found. 


Some advantages to being a WELCOME FAMILY:

  • You will have the pleasure to meet a young person from another country who is extremely grateful for your generosity of WELCOMING him or her to your home
  • You learn more about the SHARE! exchange program before you are ready to commit to WELCOMING a full school year student
  • Friendships are formed when you meet other families in your community who WELCOME exchange students to their home
  • You are helping an teen-aged student arrive on time for school (also, if we don’t have a welcome or permanent home for the student before August 31, they will not be allowed to come)

Who qualifies to host, you may wonder?

Check each of the following qualifications, and you’re in!!

  • You have a bed to spare
  • You are willing to share in meals
  • You have a clean criminal background check
  • You live with a family, partner or on your own
  • You have a heart of gold!



(What you’ll be saying to the SHARE! program after taking this amazing opportunity to welcome a student to the USA!)

The phrase “you’re welcome” in response to “thank you” is an adaptation of the same phrase to the formality of recognizing the gratitude a person is expressing in saying “thank you.” It is a way of saying, “it was a pleasure to help you.” 

We also offer our sincerest THANKS to you for considering opening your home temporarily to one of our students!