Top 10 reasons to host an exchange student!

Top 10 reasons to host an exchange student

*real reasons from SHARE! host families!

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  1. Gaining a new family member.

  2. Watching the kids grow during their time with us and sending them back to their parents with more maturity and self confidence.

  3. Gaining friendship for life.

  4. We have been able to meet people from different places and have seen the differences and similarities of where and how we live.

  5. The joy of showing our exchange student new things, and getting to know them.

  6. The satisfaction of helping a young person grow intellectually. To watch how the student adapts to the American way of life and helping them in this process. In short, helping them mature and learn.

  7. The cultural exchange with each child and our family. We have become less insular and and more open to the way the world can be interprated.

  8. Getting to know some great people.

  9. Gained more family members. Learned a lot about different people and culture. The world got smaller.

  10. The little bits of our students’ personalities, culture, interests, that have been left behind that have changed our lives. We are different people today than we would have been if we had never hosted!