2016 Welcome Photo Contest Winners!

Welcome Photo Contest 1st Place

Congratulations to our first place winners! Thank you Lundquist family for such a warm (and cheesy) welcome of Domingo from Spain! Go Packers!

Welcome Photo Contest 2nd Place

William & Michael from California welcome their host son, Hugo, from Sweden with custom shirts and artwork. Thank you for this thoughtful welcome!


Welcome Photo Contest 3rd Place

Finn from Germany is welcomed to Missouri by his host siblings. Thank you for the glittery welcome!


Welcome Photo Contest 4th Place

Thank you Jauhola family for welcoming Amanda from Sweden to Minnesota! We love your representation of the country’s flags!



Honorable Mentions

A big Texas welcome for Ronja from Finland by her host parents Kevin & Dottie!

Thank you Kessler family for your adaptation of Where’s Waldo!

Luca from Italy is welcomed by his host brother with an inviting hug. Thank you for the cutest welcome photo!