SHARE! Exchange Students' First American Christmas

Have you ever thought how different our Christmas traditions are in the eyes of a foreign exchange student?  Every SHARE! host family celebrates in their own little way while learning traditions of another country!  Did you know...

  • Nutcrackers & gingerbread houses originated in Germany? 
  • The Spanish never eat their Christmas dinner until after midnight the eve of Christmas? 
  • The Italian children write a letter of love to their parents instead of Santa? 
  • The Swiss decorate their trees on Christmas Eve with candles?  (The candles are lit only on Christmas Eve when gifts are opened and on New Year’s Day for good luck).
  • In Sweden, "no work shall be made" other then feeding the livestock and preparing for the Christmas meal called “Smorgasbord?’

Here in the Cedar Lakes Region (Minnesota, Iowa & Wisconsin) we had our annual Holiday Party with over 70 people participating and SHARE!ing in our American customs with host families & exchange students.  We enjoyed the day by making Christmas tree decorations, frosting sugar cookies, bobbing for apples, Twister, musical chairs, piñata, a gift exchange, a visit from Santa and sweet treats!

What a wonderful way to celebrate this Holiday Season from around the world!