Real "Social Work"

By Lisa Laber, Regional Assistant

4 kids close up.jpg

I am new at ERDT. My back ground is in social work. So, as I stepped away from social work and started into the new world of student exchange, I wondered if I could find the satisfaction that I needed to stay engaged and interested in a whole new world of "dealing with people" and hopefully, helping people. Well, I must say, so far I am humbled and tickled to work with the caliber of people that I have dealt with during my short time at ERDT. From the Regional directors to the over seas partners to the EPC's. Issues regarding flights or allergies, or student diet. I must say, students, there is an army of folks who really care about you and are working to create the best possible experience for you.  Which leads me to host families, I can see that  they are the true foundation of this program. I cannot tell you how many host applications I have read that have brought tears to my eyes. The excitement and eagerness associated with hosting is so intoxicating, so full of love and belief in our future. These folks are willing and ready to take on a stranger and wrap them into their own family in a seamless way, WOW, true kindness and generosity. My new experience with ERDT-SHARE!, has me feeling excited and proud to be apart of this amazing team of good people coming together for the hope of the future, where we can maybe have a little more tolerance and acceptance for each other and our individual cultures and ways of being in this world. This is the stuff that makes this work resemble "real" Social Work. I appreciate being a part of this big, beautiful world of student exchange.