Exchange Students Making American Memories!

Our students in the Midwest have been making some great American memories this year! 

  • Carola from Sweden attends Dassel - Cokato High School and competed in Speech.  Her team took 3rd place in the state tournament out of 21 teams.  What an accomplishment when your nation language is Swedish and competing in English!!  
  • Honza from Czech Republic has had quite of an experience attending his local high school!  Playing hockey with the MOOSE and taking the team to state was an experience of a lifetime.  Playing hockey on the varsity level they took 2nd in state coming up short by 1 point in the double overtime!!!  Being a part of the high school spirt and the support of his community is something he will remember for the rest of his lifetime!!!  

Honza with his host family

  • Albin from Romania stated “Today is my 200th day in the USA.  I’m happy to be a part of this awesome adventure.  A little throwback when I was cheering for my favorite volleyball player.  “Live, travel, adventure, bless and don’t be sorry.”
  • Istvan from Romania has enjoyed wrestling all his life and continued in America!  He has earn an Outstanding Wrestler & was a National Runner up!
Istvan with his wrestling award!

Istvan with his wrestling award!