Adorable Student Pets!

By Leslie Davidson, National Office

Happy National Pet Day – April 11th

Over the past few years, there has been some inter-national-office-SHARE!ing of the love of pets with “Adorable Student Pets” emails using student application photos and descriptions of their beloved animals. They were just too adorable not to, so we figured that it’s high time that we SHARE! them with you as well.

DID YOU KNOW that 65% of US households have pets? Yes, we love them—all 80 million of them, and many consider them family members. This is true for many other countries as well, which is captured below as proof-positive!

IT IS SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN that people with pets live longer and have lower stress levels. Petting your dog, cat, bunny, gerbil, chicken, donkey, parrot or horse releases a relaxation hormone, lowers your blood pressure and cuts stress hormone levels. You must be feeling healthier already.

So, sit back with a smile, a sigh, and give your pet a pat while we SHARE! the love of animals with some Adorable Student Pets!