2017 Work & Travel Wrap-Up!


By Emily Reppun, Work & Travel Program Director

Our 342 ERDT Work & Travel students from Ukraine, Bulgaria, Jamaica, China, Poland and Thailand worked all over the U.S.A. in seasonal jobs, using the funds they earned to support themselves during their stay and to travel around the U.S. They learned a ton about U.S. culture, especially workplace culture and tourism, had fun, and returned to college this fall with an eye-opening experience under their belts.

Asked to provide advice for future students, they replied: I would tell them that if they choose my employer they will have the best summer ever. To prepare for a cool summer. The job is perfect. You meet a lot of people from around the world. Be organized, calm, and focused, are 3 keys for a successful communication between you and the other people working with you. Just do your best, work hard, obey rules, follow instructions, be a leader not a follower, ask questions, team work is the key. Get sunscreen and a lot of aloe-vera (to deal with sunburns). Arrange the working time reasonably, don't be eccentric. Just enjoy! Be nice to everyone and work hard. Don't eat such a lot like me :) Do everything with a smile :) To be grateful to be in such a great place and enjoy your time working there.

Check out some of their photos in our album ERDT Work & Travel 2017! and be sure to introduce yourself the next time you're traveling and come across some of these international J1 exchange student workers... mostly in the summer, but a group also comes in the winter to work at ski resorts and other areas with winter tourism.

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