NEW! SHARE! Documentary Video Team

In 2016, SHARE! will be creating a documentary video that shows some of the highlights in an exchange year.  But we can't do it alone!  Beginning now, we are seeking videos from YOU - our SHARE! host families, exchange students, Exchange Program Coordinators & school personnel (teachers, counselors, principals, etc).  You can make the video on a video camera, your phone, iPad, webcam or whatever!

While SHARE!ing your first major American holiday, Thanksgiving, we are eager to see how you celebrate, and we want to know your student's impression of this great day for thankfulness.

In early January, we'll upload the videos and have the SHARE! community vote to decide the winner of our $250 prize!  To submit your video, follow this link:

Please note:

Videos are due Dec. 31, 2015 by midnight EST.  
They should be 2-3 minutes in length.  
Please, no foul or offensive language, inappropriate dress or behavior.