A few notes on Americans

1. The individual is important. For instance, if someone has a choice of activities, they will choose whatever is best for them; they want to do what will benefit them the most.

2. Independence is strength. It is a part of U.S. history, such as the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence. A strong person is considered someone who is self-reliant, free of others’ expectations and rules.

3. Women are considered equal. Do not be condescending towards them or assume that they can’t do something. Also, do not leer at them or make comments about their bodies.

4. A multicultural society requires flexibility. Because Americans come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, you have to be sensitive to these differences and understand that there isn’t just one “right” way to behave.

5. Respect people’s space. If someone does not want to go somewhere with you or if they want to be alone, respect their decision. Don’t pressure them to conform to your expectations.

6. Never make comments about someone’s physical features. For instance, do not say, “Your nose is big,” or “Your skin is so brown,” or “Your arms are small, but your legs are really wide."

Five Things You Should Not Say to Someone!!!

  1. “You’re fat.”
  2. “You’re very big.”
  3. “You’ve gained weight.”
  4. “You must have a lot of money.” 
  5. “You’re a redneck.”

Five Things You Should Not Ask Someone!!!

  1. “Who did you vote for?”
  2. “How much do you make?” 
  3. "Does your husband/wife make a lot of money?"
  4. "Why aren't you married?"
  5. "Why don't you have children?"