25 ways to show appreciation to your host family

  1. Wash the family car
  2. Wash windows
  3. Clean up the garage
  4. Rake leaves
  5. Pull weeds
  6. Acknowledge Mother’s Day with a small gift/card (can be handmade)
  7. Acknowledge Father’s Day with a small gift/card (can be handmade)
  8. Acknowledge Valentine’s Day with a small gift/card (can be handmade)
  9. Acknowledge Easter with a small gift/card (can be handmade)
  10. Cook a meal (from your home country or a new American favorite…maybe for host mom’s birthday?!?)
  11. Make a dessert (from your home country or a new American favorite)
  12. Give the dog a bath
  13. Read a story to your toddler host brother or sister (especially when they are being cranky and your host parents have something important to do!!)
  14. Shovel snow
  15. Give your host mom flowers for no apparent reason (can be purchased at the local grocery store or even wild flowers growing along the road)
  16. Write a thank-you note for no apparent reason but just to express your thoughts about everything they have done for you
  17. Take your family out for dinner (can be McDonald’s or the local pizza place!)
  18. Treat your family to a movie & popcorn (you could even plan a family movie night at home by choosing a rental and buying microwave popcorn)
  19. Babysit so your host parents can enjoy dinner or a movie out by themselves (your idea, not theirs!!)
  20. Treat your family to ice cream
  21. Show genuine concern for your host family (ask how their day was...and listen to their reply)
  22. Ask frequently if there is anything you can do to help (when you see your host parents doing household chores, ask them to show you how to do it)
  23. When you are getting a snack/drink for yourself, ask if you can get something for anyone else
  24. When the trash can is full, empty it (without being told to!!)
  25. Work hard to make your host family smile…it will come back to you!