10 Steps for a Great Exchange Experience!


STEP 1.   Say "Please" when asking for a favor.   "Thank you" for the food, the rides to friends houses, the clean sheets, the fresh towels, everything your host family provides free of charge.  


STEP 2.   Respect your host family’s rules.   Everyone agrees that you earn respect by showing respect.  Said another way, if you take the time to demonstrate respect for people, they will show you respect.


STEP 3.  Be clean.  Body odors are taboo in the United States! Shower daily, use deodorant, & wear freshly cleaned clothes.    


STEP 4.  Ask permission to use the phone, Internet, bring friends home or go out with friends.


STEP 5.  Offer to help with household chores or to just do them without being asked.


STEP 6.  Use your own money to pay for school lunches, supplies, toiletries, phone bills and stamps.  The host family has agreed to provide your room and board. They may become resentful if they feel that you are saving all of your money for luxuries like CD’s, clothing, expensive shoes and movie tickets.


STEP 7.  Don't eat the last cookie, or drink the last glass of milk or fruit juice without asking if it is okay.  


STEP 8.  Be a good ambassador for your country & ERDT/SHARE!  Get involved, have fun and make friends with American students.


STEP 9.  Pass your classes & participate in school activities. 


STEP 10.  Commit yourself to being here & make room in your life for friends.  ***Need a little help: 4 steps to making friends