Host Family Pre-Arrival Orientation - The Role of your EPC (Exchange Program Coordinator)

Your EPC is is there to answer your questions and support you along the way, as well as share in your exciting adventure. A good relationship with your EPC helps you to have a successful year. 

  • EPCs recruit and screen host families, and assist families with selecting a student;

  • EPCs conduct orientations before the student arrives, after the student arrives, and before the student departs at the end of the program;

  • EPCs contact your family and student at least monthly by phone, email or in person to monitor the progress of the program, and are always there to provide support and answer questions that students and host families have about the experience.

  • EPCs maintain contact with high school officials to make sure the students are successful with their education.

  • EPCs often work under an Area Coordinator and/or Regional Administrator who are available to you as support personnel when your EPC is unavailable.