Host Family Pre-Arrival Orientation - About ERDT and SHARE!

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  • ERDT was founded in 1974 and began a high school exchange program, called SHARE!, in 1980.  SHARE! is one of several international exchange programs run by ERDT.

  • ERDT's programs are not intended to be vacation experiences; rather, our mission is to create opportunities for greater understanding and appreciation between people of the world. The SHARE! program is designed to foster global goodwill through a positive homestay experience.

  • The ERDT/SHARE! National Office is in Santa Monica, CA, with regional offices and local Exchange Program Coordinators all over the United States.  

  • SHARE! sponsors students from over 30 different countries from around the world, matching them to host families just like you. 

  • The SHARE! program is designated by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Programs. This allows us to sponsor the J1 visa.

  • The Council for Standards on International Educational Travel (CSIET) is an independent organization that promotes international youth exchange, and best practices. Placement on the CSIET advisory list is required of SHARE! by many high schools, and we are proud to say that we have maintained this placement since 1988.