Host Family Pre-Arrival Orientation - Practical Considerations

  • Your student probably arrived with a credit or debit card funded by their parents.  Assist them with learning how to use the card, if needed.

  • Set down clear guidelines about computer, internet & cell phone use in your home.  Consider installing parental control software.

  • Explain how to use your home phone (especially for emergencies), and how to avoid large bills.

  • If you have weapons in your home, discuss family rules & safety procedures.

  • Remind the student that SHARE! requires them to maintain a “C” average, and make a plan for how the student will work to achieve this.

  • Discuss any travel plans that you have, and how much the student should plan to budget if they wish to participate. Remind the student of SHARE!’s travel policies (no family or friend visits during the first 6 months of the program; students may travel only with their host family or with an approved, organized group.)

  • Ensure that the student’s insurance information is close at hand, in case of an emergency, and that you know how to use the insurance.