Host Family Pre-Arrival Orientation - Getting Started


Before you start, ensure you have your Host Family Handbook in front of you.  You received a copy in your Host Family Packet; if you cannot find it or didn't receive the packet yet, you can download and print a copy of the handbook here:

Take a moment to complete the "Contact Info" section in the front of the handbook. You'll want to have this handy in case something urgent comes up.  Ask your EPC to send you any info you don't have, and you can access contact info for the SHARE! Regional Offices here.

The Pre-Arrival Orientation, which is required annually of all host families by the U.S. Department of State, will take you through a series of web pages designed to prepare you for the big change your household is about to experience.

On each page, you'll find some simple information, followed by an EXTRA-simple quiz.  Complete the quiz to move to the next page. Once submitted, your SHARE! file will be updated to show that you've completed the orientation and are ready to welcome your SHARE! high school exchange student!