Dear School Principal or Counselor,

The SHARE! program is always hiring Exchange Program Coordinators. As a high school employee, we know you know how important it is for exchange students at your school to have an excellent coordinator.

That's why we're asking you to put on your thinking caps and send us a list of 5 (or more) people from your own list of contacts (personal, professional, local or not!) and let us know who YOU think would make a great SHARE! coordinator.  We will donate $100 to your school, once per year, for every list of 5+ referrals received!!

We hire nationwide, so near or far, if you have a sister, or friend (or someone you know who already does this), nearby or in a different state, who is great with kids and who you think would make a wonderful advocate for exchange students, please jot their name and contact info down and send it to us! We will take care of the rest by contacting your suggested list to tell them more about SHARE!

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