Behaviors That Could Be Considered Sexual Harassment


  • Unwelcome whistling, cat-calls, kissing sounds, howling, and smacking lips; 
  • Sexual teasing, jokes, stories or innuendos;
  • Making sexual comments about a person's body, clothing, anatomy, conduct or looks; 
  • Sexually insulting remarks about race, gender, socioeconomic status, disability, or sexual orientation;
  • Inquiries into one's sexual experiences; sexual fantasies, preferences, or history;
  • Discussion of one's sexual activities, deficiencies, or prowess;
  • Unwelcome sexual flirtation, pressure for dates or sexual propositions;
  • Telling lies, gossip or spreading rumors about a person's personal sex life;


  • Walking around house in underwear or towel;
  • Failure to knock before entering a person’s room;
  • Failure to close and/or lock bathroom and bedroom doors while in use;
  • Looking a person up and down (Elevator eyes), Leering;
  • Making sexual gestures with hands or through body movements;
  • Sharing pornography, sexually suggestive objects, offensive drawings, cartoons, graffiti, or pictures;
  • Cyber sexual harassment, including harassment through the use of the Internet or other telecommunications technologies;
  • Unwanted letters, telephone calls, or materials of a sexual nature;


  • Unwelcome physical contact including hugging, kissing, patting or stroking;
  • Leaning over, cornering, or pinching;
  • Touching or rubbing oneself sexually around another person;
  • Giving a massage around the neck or shoulders;
  • Sitting on laps;
  • Goodnight kisses

Behaviors to Avoid

(Despite how they're intended, these behaviors could be misconstrued as sexual harassment)

  • Staring at someone;
  • Calling someone a girl, hunk, doll, babe, or honey;
  • Making facial expressions such as winking, throwing kisses, or licking lips;
  • Blocking a person's path;
  • Sharing a bed;
  • Touching the person's clothing, hair, or body;
  • Standing close or brushing up against another person;
  • Following a person ­or hanging around a person or giving personal gifts;