25 Ways of Expressing Appreciation to Your Host Family

  1. Fold the clean laundry;
  2. Empty the dishwasher;
  3. When you see your host parents doing household chores, ask them to show you how to do it;
  4. Sweep the floor;
  5. Rake leaves;
  6. Pull weeds;
  7. Acknowledge holidays (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day) or birthdays with a small gift/card;
  8. Cook a meal or dessert (from your home country or a new American favorite);
  9. Sweep the outside porch, deck, sidewalk or driveway;
  10. Give the dog a bath;
  11. Clean the cat's litter box;
  12. Read a story to your toddler host brother or sister (especially when they are being cranky and your host parents have something important to do!!);
  13. Shovel snow;
  14. Wash the dishes after dinner;
  15. Give your host mom flowers for no apparent reason (can be purchased at the local grocery store or even wild flowers growing along the road);
  16. Write a thank you note;
  17. Take your family out for dinner (can be McDonald’s or the local pizza place!);
  18. Treat your family to a movie & popcorn (you could even plan a family movie night at home by choosing a rental and buying microwave popcorn);
  19. Babysit so your host parents can enjoy dinner or a movie out by themselves;
  20. Treat your family to ice cream;
  21. Ask your host family members how their day was...and listen to their reply;
  22. When you are getting a snack/drink for yourself, ask if you can get something for anyone else;
  23. When the trash can is full, empty it;
  24. If a host family member has a hobby they are proud of, ask them to share it with you;
  25. If you see a host family member making a meal for the family, ask if you can help;