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In other words...

If you are arrested or do something illegal, you could be sent home immediately.

  • No alcohol
  • No smoking*
  • No drugs
  • No hanging out with anyone involved with drugs.
  • No violence
  • No shoplifting
  • No getting a job
  • No pornography

*unless you are 18 or over AND wrote on your application that you smoke.

The school decides which grade you’ll be put into, and whether you’ll be allowed to graduate, get a diploma, or play sports.  You must respect their decisions.  If you bother the school about these matters, you will be put on probation.

If you’re expelled or dismissed from school, you’ll have to go home immediately.

You need to maintain a “C” averages, with no “F” grades.

If SHARE! decides that you need a tutor, your parents will have to pay for it.

No driving anything with a motor

Follow all host family rules.

Make sure your host parents always know where you are.

No borrowing money from your host family, or lending money to your host family.

You must receive at least $300 a month from home for spending money.

Follow the host family’s computer rules.

Do not talk about your current or past host family to anyone but your Exchange Program Coordinator.

No visits from family or friends during the first 6 months of the program.

No visits from anyone under 25, ever.

You must have someone 25 or older with you for any travel.

Send your DS-2019 form to the National Office for any overseas travel.

No getting married.

No religious conversion.

No sexual activity

If you are pregnant or have caused a pregnancy, you will be sent home immediately.

No tattoos or piercings

If you leave the SHARE! program without permission, you will be reported to the U.S. Government for deportation.

If you change host families, it will be at your and your biological parents’ expense.

You must return home within 7-10 days of the end of the program.

Pay all your debts and bills before you leave.

If you break the Standards of Conduct, you may be put on probation.

If you are on probation and break any rules, you may be repatriated (sent home).