We ❤ need ❤ your ❤ help!

Now more than ever, there is a need in our world for more cultural understanding. YOU can be a powerful voice in this movement by volunteering to host a high school exchange student from over 20 different countries.

We currently have 40 students, ready to start their adventure and anxiously waiting for a host family. If you've ever considered hosting, now is the time! We are ready and waiting to match your family with the perfect student. Check out this list of a few of our available students and give us a call today! 



The Old English wilcumian has two elements, “wil-” indicates desire or pleasure. “Cuman” means come. So, welcome has always meant “it is good you have come,” in the sense of a welcome guest, and it still has this same meaning and it has it in common with the Old French bien venu and the Old Norse velkominn.

The SHARE! program seeks the help of all of our community members as we work on selection of host families for the final 50 SHARE! high school exchange students still waiting to hear WHERE their new American community will be, and WHO will be their family for the coming school year.

Would you like to help, but don’t think you can commit to a whole school year?  How about being a WELCOME family for an exchange student?   Welcome families are just like permanent hosts, except that welcome families are only making a commitment until a permanent family is found. 


Some advantages to being a WELCOME FAMILY:

  • You will have the pleasure to meet a young person from another country who is extremely grateful for your generosity of WELCOMING him or her to your home
  • You learn more about the SHARE! exchange program before you are ready to commit to WELCOMING a full school year student
  • Friendships are formed when you meet other families in your community who WELCOME exchange students to their home
  • You are helping an teen-aged student arrive on time for school (also, if we don’t have a welcome or permanent home for the student before August 31, they will not be allowed to come)

Who qualifies to host, you may wonder?

Check each of the following qualifications, and you’re in!!

  • You have a bed to spare
  • You are willing to share in meals
  • You have a clean criminal background check
  • You live with a family, partner or on your own
  • You have a heart of gold!



(What you’ll be saying to the SHARE! program after taking this amazing opportunity to welcome a student to the USA!)

The phrase “you’re welcome” in response to “thank you” is an adaptation of the same phrase to the formality of recognizing the gratitude a person is expressing in saying “thank you.” It is a way of saying, “it was a pleasure to help you.” 

We also offer our sincerest THANKS to you for considering opening your home temporarily to one of our students! 


Why SHARE! Life with International Teens?


What inspires people to host international teens in the first place? Below are statements from some of the SHARE! Exchange Program Coordinators who began as Host Parents and then chose to work in the world of student exchange. Some of our best Exchange Program Coordinators were, and still are, some of the best Host Parents!  After reading, you’ll know why.



“The reason my husband and I have hosted more than 20 students in our home is because it has given us a family. We don’t have children of our own, so we decided to host exchange students. They have come back to visit us. Then we’ve gone to their countries and they have shown us the time of our lives. Even though we don’t have biological kids, we really, really do have kids of our own that just happen to be from all over the world.”

 -Carol Duerksen


“I am involved in the exchange program for one reason. That’s because I believe in youth—In the power of youth. As we grow and learn to know each other better we will reach the point where we will have world peace. We will know and care about each other so that we can all live in peace.”

-Sally Maack


“My husband and I have been hosting students now for over 15 years, and we’ve met some amazing teenagers from all over the world. We really enjoy helping them to learn about our American culture as well as our learning theirs. I would really recommend hosting a student.”

-Cathy Pierce


“One of the reasons that we host is to bring peace to the world one relationship at a time. With the SHARE! organization, it’s been a tremendous opportunity to build relationships all over the world so that we can all be ambassadors to the world.”

-Maynard Knepp


“My husband and I host SHARE! students because it is just tremendous watching them grow, become more open, and learn to love people in a totally different environment.”

-Mary Beth Winters

Become A SHARE! Exchange Program Coordinator

Click above to meet just a few our host families!

A desire to learn about what separates us culturally, as well as to celebrate all that we share in common as people, lies at the heart of our mission. As an Exchange Program Coordinator (EPC), you will have the important task of locating enthusiastic and nurturing families ready to welcome a visiting student into their home.  As we take great pride in achieving a degree of compatibility between host family and student, YOUR role in this process is what can make the difference in the experience for both.

Just 5 Easy Steps!

  1. Fill out an Exchange Program Coordinator Application, including a reference check and criminal background check. 
  2. The Team Leader for your area will contact you to discuss the position, conduct an informal interview, and sign an Independent Contractor Agreement.
  3. You will receive training from your Team Leader on all aspects of being an EPC, such as finding families, providing orientations and monitoring students.
  4. Get started finding wonderful families for teens that will be arriving for the next school semester.
  5. Prepare for the arrival of the fantastic group of students that have YOU to thank for matching them with their host families!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why be an EPC?    SHARE! Exchange Program Coordinators are committed to facilitating a greater understanding among world cultures and proving that communication is the key to tolerance and peaceful coexistence. As an EPC, you are our all important link into local communities and a spokesperson for student exchange in your town as you liaison with schools, host families and community groups.

What is involved?    Coordinators help match host families with students, communicate with local schools to make preparations for the student’s arrival, conduct pre- and post-arrival orientations for host families and students, and meet regularly with both students and families, providing guidance and support to help insure that the experience is going as smoothly as possible.

What kind of support will I receive from SHARE!?    Your SHARE! Team Leader and the SHARE! National Office will provide you with resources, materials and training for every step of the process, throughout the year.  You're never left out on your own!

What are the qualities of a successful EPC?    The job requires a unique blend of dedication, awareness, energy, problem solving skills and a commitment to achieving the goals SHARE! has so successfully pursued over the course of its history. If you’ve never worked with teenagers, then you will come to understand the importance of patience and listening in counseling these young adults. Humor and good organizational skills will likewise serve you well.

How will I be compensated?    SHARE! EPCs are independent contractors and will be issued a 1099 at the end of each calendar year. EPCs receive a Placement Documentation Fee of $200 for each student that they place after all required paperwork is submitted. After the students arrive EPCs are further compensated monthly on a per-student basis.



Are there incentives, rewards or bonuses?    Rewards are an ongoing and exciting component of teamwork at SHARE! We conduct games and contests and reward EPCs for personal goal achievements and other objectives via cash awards, points, gifts, gift certificates and other fun and innovative incentives. Learn more about team incentives via the weekly newsletter and e-memo sent to all SHARE! EPCs.

What's this I heard about a free trip?!    Our SHARE! Incentive Trips, are 5-day, 4-night overseas adventures that EPCs earn by placing students with host families!   Recent trips have included Germany, France, Brazil, Poland, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, Belgium, Turkey, Ecuador, Thailand, Czech Republic and Austria.